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Jianbo Chang2020-07-25

Surname: Chang

First Name: Jianbo

Date & Place of Birth: November 11, 1962, in Jianli City, Hubei Province, P. R. China

Nationality: Chinese

Academic Title: Ph.D., Professor

Present Position: Professor, Head of the Institute of Hydroecology, College of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Wuhan University

Office Address: 8th Southern Road of East Lake, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, P. R. China, 430072

Affiliation: Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science, Wuhan University.

Telephone/Fax: 0086-27-6877 4668 (Office)

Mobile(WeChat): 13907106918

QQ: 1325640073

Email: changjb@whu.edu.cn


September 1997 - December 1999, Institute of Hydrobiology (CAS), Ph. D. (Hydrobiology)

September 1979 - July 1983, Department of Biology, Sun Yat-Sen University, B. Sc (Zoology);

September 1977 - July 1979, Hongcheng high school in Jianli City, Hubei Province, P. R. China.

Professional Experience:

January 2018 - Present, Wuhan University, Professor (Ecology, Evolution and Human Modification)

March 2006 - December 2017, Institute of Hydroecology (MWR & CAS), Research Professor (Conservation Ecology)

November 1999 - February 2006, Institute of Hydrobiology (CAS), Research Professor (Fish Ecology and Conservation Biology)

September 1995 - October 1999, Institute of Hydrobiology (CAS), Associate Research Professor (Fish Ecology and Conservation Biology)

March 1991 - August 1995, Institute of Hydrobiology (CAS), Researcher Associate (Fish Ecology)

April 1988 - February 1991, Institute of Hydrobiology (CAS), Researcher Assistant (Fish Ecology)

August 1983 – March 1988, Hubei Specialized School of Fisheries, Assistant Professor (General Biology and Ichthyology).

Positions in scientific organizations:

Editor in Chief of Journal of Hydroecology (in Chinese with English abstract) (2008-2017).

Vice-Editor in Chief of Ecology and Environmental Monitoring of Three Gorges (in Chinese with English abstract) (2008-2017).

Members of Editorial Boards of Journal of Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute (in Chinese with English abstract) (Since 2008), Freshwater Fisheries (in Chinese with English abstract) (Since 2005), Journal of Applied Ichthyology (2004-2013), Chinese Journal of Ecology (in Chinese with English abstract) (Since 2001), Chinese Journal of Lake Sciences (in Chinese with English abstract) (2001 - 2005, 2013-2019), and Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica (in Chinese with English abstract) (1997 - 2006).

Chairperson of Committee of Fish Passage Facilities of Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (since 2019)

Vice President of Boards of Directors: Hubei Provincial Society of Oceanography and Limnology (2008-2013), China Society of Fishery Resources & Environments (Since 2002), Hubei Provincial Society of Environmental Sciences (2010-2017), Hubei Provincial Society of Fisheries (2013-2017), and Hubei Provincial Society of Ecology (2013-2017).

Member of the Executive Committee of Board of Directors of China Society of Fisheries (2012-2017).

Members of Boards of Directors: Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (since 2019), Ecological Society of China (2000-2004, since 2018), China Society of Water Resources (2009-2017), International Society of River Science (ISRS) (Since 2006), China Society of Natural Resources (2004-2008), World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS) (2003-2010), China Ecological Society (2000-2004), Hubei Fisheries Society (1999-2003), and Hubei Society of Oceanography and Limnology (1998-2007).

Research Interests:

I was interested in multidisciplinary studies on freshwater fishes, including their life history, population dynamics, natural propagation, molecular ecology, habitat availability, and fundamental conservation issues in the Yangtze River years before 2010.

At present, I focus on research to better understand global ecosystems' structuring processes and reliable solutions to human beings' adverse modifications, such as topics related to mitigations for damming, pollution, urbanization, and overfishing.

Research Specializations:

Larval fishes in the Yangtze River

Population ecology of freshwater fishes

Ecological modeling




Environmental assessment

Scientific Awards:

Second-class of Dayu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Award (ranking 1st personally) in 2018.

First-class of Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei Province (ranking 5th) in 2016

First-class of Dayu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Award (ranking 7th personally) in 2013

Third-class of Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei Province (ranking 2nd) in 2013.

Second-class of Dayu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Award (ranking 1st  personally) in 2011

Second-class of Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei Province (ranking 8th) in 2011

Second-class of Dayu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Award (ranking 1st personally) in 2009

Second-class of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ranking 7th personally) in 1996

Major Scientific Programs Co-ordinated:

2015-2019, National Key Basic Research Development Plan (973 Plan): Studies on the key biological problems related to cultivation of Chinese sturgeon in controlled system (Grant no.: 2015CB150700).

2012-2015, National Science and Technology Support Program: Pilot program on technology of ecological restoration and environmental protection for large water conservancy and hydropower projects (Grant no.: 2012BAC06B00).

2008-2010, International S & T Corporation Program of China: The Strategies of Convention on Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Function of the Three Gorge Reservoir (Grant no.: 2008DFA31550).

2004-2008, Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Long term effect of river damming on the aquatic resources (Grant no.: 30490230).

Peer-reviewed publications of the recent five years:


1. Peng Zhang, Xianghong Dong, Gaël Grenouillet, Sovan Lek, Yichen Zheng, Jianbo Chang. Species range shifts in response to climate change and human pressure for the world's largest amphibian. Science of The Total Environment, 2020, 735 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.139543).

2. Peng Zhang, Ye Qiao, Yao Jin, Sovan Lek, Taiming Yan, Zhi He, Jianbo Chang, Lu Ca. Upstream migration of fishes downstream of an under-construction hydroelectric dam and implications for the operation of fish passage facilities. Global Ecology and Conservation, 2020, 23 (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gecco.2020.e01143).


3. Jiang WS, Li J, Lei XZ, Wen ZR, Han YZ, Yang JX, Chang JB. Sinocyclocheilus sanxiaensis, a new blind fish from the Three Gorges of Yangtze River provides insights into speciation of Chinese cavefish. Zool Res. 2019, 18; 40(6): 552-557.

4. Wang Hong-ze, Tao Jiang-ping, Chang Jian-bo. Endangered levels and conservation options evaluations for Chinese sturgeon,Acipenser sinensis Gary. Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin, 2019, 28(9): 2100-2108. (in Chinese with English abstract)

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9. Peng Zhang, Lu Cai, Zhi Yang, Xiaojuan Chen, Ye Qiao, Jianbo Chang. Evaluation of fish habitat suitability using a coupled ecohydraulic model: Habitat model selection and prediction. River Research and Application, 2018, 34 (8): 937-947.

10. Peng Zhang, Zhi Yang, Lu Cai, Ye Qiao, Xiaojuan Chen, Jianbo Chang. Effects of upstream and downstream dam operation on the spawning habitat suitability of  Coreius guichenoti  in the middle reach of the Jinsha River. Ecological Engineering, 2018, 120:198-208.

11. Guangming Tan, Ran Yi, Jianbo Chang, Caiwen Shu, Zhi Yin, Shasha Han, Zhiyong Feng, and Yiwei Lyu. A new method for calculating ecological flow: Distribution flow method. AIP Advances, 2018, 8, 045118. (https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5022048)

12. Zhi Yang, Jiangping Tao, Ye Qiao, Wei Xu, and Jianbo Chang. Multivariate Analysis Performed to Identify the Temporal Responses of Fish Assemblages to Abiotic Changes Downstream of the Gezhouba Dam on the Yangtze River. River Research and Application, 2018, 34 (9): 1142-1150.

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